Windows Cloud Server India

Better Compute

Process general-purpose to a complex set of problems quickly.


Reliable Performance

Experience better & optimized performance across workloads.


Optimized Plans

Plans are optimized offering attractive price-performance ratio.


Our Cloud Computing Plans!

Select a server plan and choose your preference for hardware. We offer the latest generation Intel series processor.

Plan vCPUs Dedicated RAM Disk Space Price
Cloud cw.10GB1 vCPUs10GB100 GB NVMe ₹3292/moDeploy
Cloud cw.20GB2 vCPUs20GB200 GB NVMe ₹5994/moDeploy
Cloud cw.40GB4 vCPUs40GB400 GB NVMe ₹8579/moDeploy
Cloud cw.60GB6 vCPUs60GB600 GB NVMe ₹11163/moDeploy
Cloud cw.80GB8 vCPUs80GB800 GB NVMe ₹14490/moDeploy
Cloud cw.120GB12 vCPUs120GB1200 GB NVMe ₹21382/moDeploy
Cloud cw.160GB16 vCPUs160GB1600 GB NVMe ₹28273/moDeploy
About NeutronCloud

NeutronCloud Bringing You Superior Public Cloud

Intel Processors

Using the latest generation Intel series processors.

Reliable, Low Latency

We offer the best performance, uptime, & redundancy.

24/7 Availability

We're available 24/7 to provide excellent support.


Our cloud computing is built on the cost-effective.


Powerful Cloud Server And Platform Enterprise Infrastructure

Run your workloads on powerful, reliable Windows Server instances; available in cloud server.

Windows-based virtual compute nodes comes with high security, networking, and excellent price-performance ratio.

Experience the power of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 on the pure SSD cloud computing platform.

All cloud servers available with Linux or Windows operating systems.

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