High Memory Cloud Server India

Better Compute

Process general-purpose to a complex set of problems quickly.


Reliable Performance

Experience better & optimized performance across workloads.


Optimized Plans

Plans are optimized offering attractive price-performance ratio.


Our Cloud Computing Plans!

Select a server plan and choose your preference for hardware. We offer the latest generation Intel series processor.

Plan vCPUs Dedicated RAM Disk Space Price
Cloud m.30GB4 vCPUs12GB100 GB SSD ₹3120/moDeploy
Cloud m.60GB12 vCPUs60GB450 GB SSD ₹6425/moDeploy
Cloud m.90 GB15 vCPUs90GB675 GB SSD ₹9009/moDeploy
Cloud m.120GB18 vCPUs120GB900 GB SSD ₹11906/moDeploy
Cloud m.180GB24 vCPUs180GB1350 GB SSD ₹17505/moDeploy
About NeutronCloud

NeutronCloud Bringing You Superior Public Cloud

Intel Processors

Using the latest generation Intel series processors.

Reliable, Low Latency

We offer the best performance, uptime, & redundancy.

24/7 Availability

We're available 24/7 to provide excellent support.


Our cloud computing is built on the cost-effective.


Powerful Cloud Server And Platform Enterprise Infrastructure

Running memory intensive applications made reliable & inexpensive. Experience higher throughputs by enhanced storage and improved networking.

You can run business applications like high-performance database, in memory analytics, genome assembly, and other similar enterprise applications.

When the memory hungry applications or tasks are your priority then you require more RAM.

All cloud servers available with Linux or Windows operating systems.